How ticklish are you?

I’m pretty ticklish, which can prove distracting at certain times.


  • Just looking at a hand starts me laughing
  • I am above average ticklish
  • My ticklishness is almost exactly the national average
  • Certain parts of my body are ticklish, but not so much
  • Touch me all you want, I will not move

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What’s the evolutionary purpose of being ticklish? Nice one Darwin.

I am horrendously ticklish and my older siblings used to torture me with it. When I was 6 I applied to be on Get Your Own Back so I could gunge my brother for tickling me too much but I got a letter back saying I was too young. Luckily for him by the time I was old enough he’d left for uni so is still ungunged to this day.

I also scream when I’m tickled rather than laugh, which now I think about it was probably something I learned to do to get my siblings told off for tickling me.


Tickle my feet and I’m liable to lash out (involuntarily)

I am ludicrously ticklish and it is a problem

Got tickled a lot as a kid. Too much really and I don’t like it

I had a girlfriend for a while who enjoyed tickling and didn’t really get the message that I didn’t like it.

Having said that I’m not sure if I’m still ticklish , it;s been a while

I scream too! The tv always complains “don’t squawk!!” DONT TICKLE ME THEN :smile:

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I distinctly remember many many times thinking i was going to die cause I was being tickled so much

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I can’t even have my hips touched at all cause I’m too ticklish there. Don’t get a tickle under the pits.

so jarring when you go to tickle someone and they’re not ticklish at all

You can’t tickle yourself unless you are a DiSer
True fact

yeah i’ve had this.

I can! (a bit)

Worst thing ever is getting an itchy foot. Scratching tickles :persevere:

Bf tells me he hates being tickled but he’s laughing and crying cause he’s laughing so hard so I’ll always say “why you laughing then if you hate it so much”

There are parenting theories now that you shouldn’t tickle children too much because it disturbs them later in life. When Jimbo gets actual tickles they’re very brief, literally only a second, but tickles are a very good bit of leverage, and when I’m trying to get him to sleep I can still calm him by asking “is it bedtime or is it tickle time”