How tired are you?

I’m a very tired boy today. One of those types of tiredness where I genuinely am not sure how I’ll make it through the day. I don’t enjoy to be tired.

  • It would probably be fair to say I am dangerously overstimulated
  • I’m wide awake, baby!
  • My eyes are open and my brain and body are both switched on
  • I’m here in body but not in mind
  • My arm has gone to sleep! (Pins and Needles option)
  • I am quite tired but no more than usual
  • I am really, really tired
  • I am actually asleep at the minute
  • I am a bicycle! (Two tired)
  • Other (Please Specify)
  • I am not willing to disclose this information in a public forum

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Had a decent nights’ sleep last night for the first time in a while.

However I have just had a very large sandwich, soup and half a large slice of cake for lunch so fully expecting to be on the tired train shortly.

That comma there between sandwich and soup is really important eh. Imagine if you’d had a very large sandwich soup!

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are you always tired?

  • yes
  • no (well done)

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Got woken up very early so even more than usual tired. Hoping for naptime soon though

Genuinely don’t know how you (and other parents) do it.


Naps, mostly.

If there isn’t a nap after lumch then I get very cranky.

Slept 9 hours, decent.



Better than yesterday but could still do with a nap

Running on thumes

Big fan of the weekend post-lunch nap. Sets me up for doing very little for the rest of the day, but welcome nonetheless

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Mondays are the worst for afternoon work torpor

Today it is Tuesday (but it’s my Monday!)

Approximately 11pm on the evening of Monday 11th March until 8:15am of the morning of Tuesday 12th March. Location: London.

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Stickboy, what the hell is this?


As long as I get a solid sixish hours in, I’m fine.

Doesn’t particularly help with the ennui, but that’s a different kind of tiredness, I suppose.

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Having a good week for it so far*. FEEL ALIVE

*fucked it now though haven’t I?

Physically not too tired, emotionally drained.