How to be an online radio DJ


I was trying to get on to the local online radio station as a dj playing electronic, ambient, hip hop stuff but, one thing and another it didn’t work out :pensive:. I wouldn’t mind trying to go it alone somehow. Does anybody have any experience in this field? Would I need a license to play music? I’m guessing I would.


No experience here but as a heads up Vimeo killed the radio star(s)

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Hey, that’s crap.

Yes you should!

I do! I went from FM Radio to Online Only with my podcast, the Monday Graveyard.

Well, yes you do. Buuut if you’re looking to start, Mixcloud is your place. You do mixes, upload them from free, and they take care of the hosting and most importantly the licensing. It’s where I put my podcast mostly.

I also put it out as an RSS Download podcast. There used to be a license for this, with PRS (in the UK), but it’s got more complicated recently. If you want to do your own podcast stuff, you’ll need the PRS Limitied Online Music License.

But it’s all based on the requirements for stuff like stream numbers.

I am reconsidering the Podcast (which costs a lot more) as on top of the above, you’ll need to find a host - I was using Squarespace but it’s kind shit for podcasts frankly, and is £16 a month for the basic number.

Mixcloud however, allows for folk to subscribe. I’ve got a few which is ace, and they get access to downloads of your mix to their devices. It’s also built to allow you to do cool things like excusives.

There is another thing that makes Mixcloud good - if you pay them £9 a month, you can get Pro. This then let’s you live stream your show to live listeners, which i think is a great idea but i can’t try it out as in 2014 i had a Pro trial.

Anyway, that’s a lot of information. I am here and DMs are open, so let me know what you need and stuff.

If you need any information about equipment, I can help with that as well.

PS: my most recent show is here. Sounds like you might like it if you’re into electronica, ambient stuff. A few other folk do shows, like @gert and @TVDenimChap, and others like @anon18868718 do non music podcasts as well.



Yes, I also do this – as @escutcheon said, getting it up on Mixcloud is the most hassle-free way of hosting.

We’re very much an amateur operation and have even been doing it mostly over video calls during lockdown but it’s great fun so totally worth giving it a go alone!

(mine is – themed shows with a few presenters)


I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to do this mate. It’s so much appreciated.
I’m going to digest what you’ve told me and I’ll probably DM you at some point.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello! Tried to DM you but it says your profile is hidden.

Huh didn’t know that!

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