How to choose the best saxophone?



Hello everyone!

My name is Harry and I am very interested in jazz music since last year. So now I am trying to buy the best saxophone and collect useful information as much as possible. Maybe we can discuss how to choose it? I found good article about this theme:
What do you think - which brand is the best?
I will be grateful for any answer.


whichever one kenny g uses is probably the best one to get


Oohh, I like his music so much!


I don’t know anything about saxamaphones but good luck with your search @HarryWilson!


Would you be interested in coming round to my house and playing to me while I’m in the bath? You could sit on my shitter.


jazz life


Thanks! :wink:


dunno if this is a joke account, but I could tap up my sax playing friend for tips, if you like.

what’s your budget man? if you don’t mind me asking…



welcome new user!

What got you interested in jazz music last year, if you don’t mind me asking?


At about $1500 :slight_smile:


I always liked jazz, but at about year ago one day I woke up and understood that I want to learn to play saxophone. Also, I was very inspired by Kenny G, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker… so I thought - why I can’t just try? It was just an impulse :smiley:


Yamaha make a good sax in your budget. I think the best thing though is to try some and see what feels right - there will be so many different opinions I think it’s mostly up to personal choice. Good luck!


Kenny G and John Coltrane I can understand, but Charlie Parker… can’t see it myself. Very bland.


Should definitely have called this thread Let’s Talk About Sax Baby. Missed opportunity there.




Can’t believe you all fell forbyet another one of my joke accounts