How to cope when your boss is younger than you

Go in for a handshake but at the last minute blow a raspberry?

Tie their shoelaces together?

neck a half bottle every morning before work


Oh theo

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He needs to manage that moustache


he needs to shave

I had a boss around my age once, he had even gone to my high school and had been 2 years above, it was good, we spoke on a more equal level but i think this is more because he was very easygoing

This story doesn’t count because he wasn’t younger please disregard


How to cope when your boss is Junger than you (a more passionate fan of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung).


i’m ten years older than my boss and nearly twenty years younger than a lot of the teachers in my dept. that I manage. Not sure it’s ever occurred to me that this is an issue


Theo there was born two years after the first series of Big Train aired.

which one, the boss or the bossee?

I’m in the most junior position on my team of 4 and am the oldest. Not a fan.

Put baby food on their desk

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You’d probably have to arm-wrestle them (practise arm-wrestling beforehand if you’re not confident).

And most of that will have been nothing to do with your age

safety :wink:

Have you had a younger boss than you?

  • I have not
  • I have and it was fine
  • I have and it was not fine

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The problem with young/er managers (I have only had one) is that they are so keen. I want an ennui enriched, cynical, miserable old timer not some young go getter.


My boss is younger than me. Is fine. She’s a much better store manager than I’d be, and that’s not something id like to do anyway

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have you ever bossed someone older than you

  • yay
  • nay

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I don’t want my boss to be like this, because that’s my role.