How to do that (suspected spammer)

Eh up.
On the old website there was a thread about Art and on there was a link to an ultra realistic painter from Scandinavia (I think). I can’t find the thread for love nor money so I’m hoping somebody here remembers doing it or knows who I’m on about. From memory I can recall normal looking houses with snow and cars and the odd person knocking about. You wouldn’t know they were a painting.
Thank you.

What is happening here?

This is the worst parody thread I’ve ever seen.

“How to do that (suspected spammer)” could be a hidden track on Hail to the Thief



love when apparently crap threads have one brilliant post in them


So people think I’m trying to scam people because I’m asking if they know the artists name?

I remember this actually

Not you and your initial query, but it looks like someone else has created an account and is copying existing posts in order to create a semblance of being a real person.

Unless you also signed up the account vincitydaimo in which case, why did you do that?

Ah yeah. Nah, it’s not the sort of thing I’d do. The sort of thing I do is, wonder who on earth that painting geezer was and not do anything about it.

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Who was that ultra-realistic question guy from a while back?


No, Theo’s an obvious android. Not realistic at all.