How to ensure these forums stay online


Hi All,

Following the news* this week, DiS will be reigning in its editorial activities but I’m determined to keep these forums online.

However, it costs money to provide these forums for free. We won’t be adding a paywall or tonnes of annoying ads. In fact, I can upgrade anyone who makes a regular contribution to get the forums ad free (we only make a few pence a month for each of you see who look at a lot of pages seeing ads anyway).

You can now set up a small recurring payment with PayPal here

For context, here’s how much traffic the forums get (over our limit last month)

Here’s the cost (which is likely to go up)

Please let me know if you have any further questions and I’ll try to answer them.

Thank you,


Help ensure these forums stay online



Also if you’re not able to chip in (fully appreciate how tough things are), please consider sharing our funding drive on Facebook here or Retweet this to help it reach more people


I’ll try to put a small regular amount in. These forums are pretty much responsible for a massive amount for me personally (I’m not even sure I’d still be making music if it wasn’t for the boards tbh) so it’s a small price to pay

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What would the recommended monthly donation be (the pictures arent working for me)


I think the way Novara do their fund drive - (asking people to give an hour’s wage per month) is a good idea

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It costs $600 a month. Even £1 from each of the 1000s of you who use these forums would be a huge difference. At the moment we struggle to get more than 150 people to make donations when we do funding drives but some people are able to be very generous which is the only reason we didn’t close 5 years ago.

Can you imagine the difference it would make if just 1% of the millions who accessed the site for free last year donated £1 a month?!


OMG I can enter the lounge. Thanks Sean.


I think it might actually be a good idea for us to be a bit less reliant on an “honesty” system.

Unless people are unwaged, low waged, or experiencing hardship/struggling to support their family, I think aiming for £5 per month is a good expectation for regular users.

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This would also mean we were covering ppl unable to pay, and could help build up some reserve.


I’m not going to put pressure on anyone to contribute. I know not everyone can afford to whereas others are able to contribute a little more to subsidise everyone else.

Also, my suggested amount would be £6.66, obviously :wink:




Done - not much but every little helps hey. @sean why do you expect it to go up btw?


Done (my name on paypal is Jonty, don’t ask)

and will hopefully increase it soon

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I appreciate you might not want to be the one asking people to pay that but imo a fiver is very fair and with smaller amounts people are actually less likely to go do the admin required.


Please remember to put your used mugs in the dishwasher and not leave them on the side.




Ok I’m willing to go on the record saying everyone should be paying a fiver. It’s outrageous if you’re paying 600$ a month and dont have any certainty about money coming in for that.

We are the main beneficiaries of this forum, and it should be us footing the bill.


Because the forums are busier than ever and over their 2m pageviews a month

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