How to get a second vaccine dose sooner

Hi All,

Firstly, this thread is aimed to help navigate you through the chaos of trying to find a vaccine. If you’re anti vax, there’s likely another topic you can comment in.

On Friday, I saw that some walk in vaccine centres are now doing second doses after 3 weeks, which is great as it’s recommended by CDC in US/some researchers to get second dose 3-5 weeks, rather than the 12 weeks NHS originally booked me in for and 8 weeks that they now allow you to rebook for or find a walk in for. And people who’ve had second doses are reportedly much more protected against the new variant.

The tweet I saw on Friday (from Nish Kumar of all people) led me down a rabbit hole of local council websites, Twitter searches (seeing vaccinators pleading for people to come get a jab before they close - and I presume needing to throw them away!)

I ended up seeing a tweet from Guardian’s media editor (and former DiSser) yesterday and rushed to Science Museum and got my second jab within an hour which feels like a huge relief.

The whole process is chaotic and symptomatic of this awful government.

If you want to try to get your second dose earlier I suggest:

  1. Browsing all the nearby local council websites to find out about walk ins, pop ups, etc - especially if you’re 40+ and need AstraZeneca.

  2. search your location and nearby places, with the name of the vaccine you need, and you might find vaccine centres/pharmacies or vaccinators offering doses - especially after 3pm before those close at 6/7pm.

  3. There’s a decent sub-Reddit here but feel free to drop useful information you see below

  4. There’s an NHS search you can do of walk in centres - and then combine that with searching for the centre online Find a walk-in coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination site - NHS

  5. Oddly some local councils are doing pop up vaccines but they don’t appear on NHS website but instead you can register in EventBrite - if you search your local area, you might find recent vaccination events and can subscribe to get alerts when they announce a new event.

Any other tips for finding a jab?


PS looks like NHS might clamp down on this but maybe were just trying to prevent massive queues


From today’s Playbook:

All sounds a bit of a mess.

Thanks sean, this is great.

119 aren’t much help with this, in my experience - they’re sticking to the line that you need to wait 8 weeks for walk-ins, which is obviously not the case across the board.

Speaking of which, if anyone knows if the Stevenage place is taking 3+ weeks people for a 2nd Pfizer dose i’d be very grateful. Our anywhere within an hour’s drive of Cambridge that isn’t in London.

Have you tried Ware Drill Hall? That is Pfizer and has a general policy of 8 weeks +, but they were doing walk-ups at the end of the day for people who had a shorter gap between jabs. I think it’s on Wednesday afternoons now.

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It’s worth checking all the nearby council websites - and also local health authorities. Bafflingly in London there are so many councils nearby that Westminster, Kensington and Brent councils were all sharing slightly different information about the same vaccination centre on Friday.

Have you tried cancelling and rebooking your current vaccination? A friend just managed to get his today due to doing that on NHS website but he is 40, so I think bring 40+ is the key factor.

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This looks like the Twitter account to turn on notifications for

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Yeah, a few times. Managed to get a week earlier but that’s still end of July and I’m at 4ish weeks now.

good info, this. I just checked my council site and they have some timeslots this week for anyone who had their first 3 or more weeks ago. Gonna try and go along Thursday morning

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Mrs HYG made use of this yesterday, went to a clinic in New Cross who advertised they had 1,000 Pfizers for anyone eligible. She was five weeks after her first dose, and reckoned most people there were in a similar situation to her.

I understand the ideal would be to keep getting to people who haven’t had the first yet but at the same time any vaccine is better in an arm than a vial and since more transmissions are via younger people we may as well get them double jabbed as fast as possible (every other country seems to reckon three weeks between doses is fine). I don’t know how we go about getting it to reluctant people, but it feels like a separate issue.

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From what I can tell, anyone over 18 is getting first appointment same day or next day, and yet from what I see online places are having people cancel so have doses left or I suspect pop ups and walk ins aren’t being very well promoted so they have more doses than attendees.

Honestly, if there was any danger of a significant number of people not being able to get their first jab, the vaccine centres wouldn’t be offering second jabs to others within five weeks of their first.


They’re still saying 8 weeks but we’ll see what happens this Wednesday

Sure, but that must be the gov’s defence in shutting this stuff down, right?

Local centres often know their daily vaccine flow (especially one with more onerous storage requirements like Pfizer), and their likely patient flow, better than the central organisation.


I’d suggest going around 3pm rather than first thing from what I’ve read online. It’s about supplies rather than NHS doctrine.


It’s probably worth calling them on Wednesday afternoon , or swinging by if you’re in Stevenage, as local centres are usually able to predict whether there will be Pfizer jabs available at the end of the day.

My 8 weeks isn’t up til 15th July, and my scheduled second dose is 7th August. (Happy to wait until then but it’d be nice to get it done before going away at the end of July). However, the current second-dose options at the moment are for the AZ vaccine, and my first dose was Pfizer. So not sure whether it’d be better to keep my original appointment for the second Pfizer dose, or to bring forward and have a Pfizer/AZ cocktail.

Logistically difficult tbh, hard to nip away from work for a 90+ minute round trip on the off-chance, which is why I’m trying to get something a bit more certain. Seems odd there’s no walk-ins in Cambridge but it is what it is.

My second vaccine was meant to be July 13th. Had a text from NHS on Friday to say I could go earlier. Cancelled the original date and got the second one yesterday. All quick and easy to sort.

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They don’t allow mixing of jabs

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