How to get voter ID

Didn’t want this to get lost in other threads

Feels important that people are aware how they will be able to vote going forwards

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If it hadn’t been for a mention of it on this board recently, I wouldn’t have known about this change at all. I read most of the stories on the BBC news app, but this seems to have completely passed me by. I’ve not watched too much TV news recently though, but feels like it will be a surprise to many unless the updates really increase nearer the time.


By design, one would imagine. Tories are much more likely do have a driving licence in their wallet.


don’t think I know anybody professional so I can no longer vote

Can sort you if you need it

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thanks that’s very kind , I’ll try and figure something out

It’s probably because they timed the announcement to be buried by other news.

Looking at how I can do a campaign like US does with Rock the Vote to get more musicians talking about this.