How to make spoiler tags work


Seen this come up a few times so just to be clear: there seems to be a bug around spoiler tags.

You can do them inline like this <- like that.

Or you can enclose a paragraph with them, but in which case the opening and closing tags should each be on their own line.

Like this

But you can’t mix and match

Like this

Or something.

Basically : put your tags on their own lines

Obviously it works here?

Fuck knows why you guys can’t do this, frankly


I know why this doesn’t work for some people.

It’s because they touch themselves at night.


Fantastic thread

[/spoiler] [spoiler]
Can’t wait for the follow up

Daren’t even imagine the content of that one.

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[spoiler]if the tags are separated by a paragraph they wont work


(i think)

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Is it time for lunch?