How to make winter more bearable

So the Guardian have got their finest minds on our mental wellbeing.

Please list the three ideas from this list that you find most appealing and the three that you think are the biggest pile of wank (there’s a few to choose from there).

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Forced Christmas makes me pretty grumpy. I like Christmas but the idea of putting the tree up before mid December makes me feel pretty coconuts.


My list

  1. Draw on a banana (did this this morning, would do again)
  2. Talk to strangers in queues. Love this, particularly small children
  3. Make personalised biscuits.

and at the bottom

N-2) Steam your clothes. What?
N-1) Read Dickens and feel lucky. Nah.
N) Wash your car. Just fuck off.


Kinda want to get into this this year, but timings will scupper it. Now is too early, next weekend is a little too early. Weekend after we’re busy so it’s going to be 10th.

Real edge of danger with that one that people actually wouldn’t, too.


This is going to be the first year of my adult life where my answer isn’t simply “drink through it”. December I probably used to average half a case of beer and half a bottle of spirits a day.


If you get a chance check out Daft Punks new track…

Soundtrack of the winter!


Book a holiday for Feb


Those challenging jigsaws they recommended are nice and affordable. Hand-Cut Artisanal Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles | PAR Puzzles

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From the other thread

  1. Start Christmas early
    Do it all now. Put the tree up, snack exclusively on Quality Street and only watch bad films about big city girls who return to the countryside for Christmas and fall in love with a nice local man. Everything is bad, you need this.

Done this, made me feel great

I’ve snacked on quality street, watched several films and the tree and decs are up at the TVs house

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Seriously the cheapest one is $168 isn’t it!

Was talking about fondue yesterday too weirdly

Thanks to a random like I was reminded this morning of this post from a couple of years back.

Absolutely this. I dont like Christmas being pushed on me so early. Decorations etc will go up about 2 weeks before Christmas and thats when I’ll start to feel Christmasy. Any earlier just doesnt work for me.


Read Dickens and feel aspirational!


My housemate put up a tree in the kitchen over the weekend and resisted the urge to be a miserable scrooge to an otherwise lovely person

and I love Christmas

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I have a replica speedweve for darning and I feel so good when I do it, lovely bright colours and a really satsifying activity.

That’s better than reading about people with bad lives and feeling smug - wtf.

But yeah, the cleaning ones for me - spent all day cleaning parts I’d never do normally and felt great (and now my body is aching in that nice post exercise way)

I like: lighting candles, imagining I’m out late at night on a walk or a night out when it’s actually 5pm and dark and I’m just coming home from work (might be specific joy in this if you’re a single parent), having really early nights without feeling ludicrous

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Just done some quite shoddy darning as a result of this thread


Wash your car, getting drenched and freezing half to death in the process, then the next day it’s covered in mud and dead leaves again. Great idea. Why on earth would you choose the time of year whe it’s least pleasant to be outside to do this?

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