How to transport a suit on a bike?


Black tie thing after work today and I couldn’t figure out how to transport suit by bike without creasing the shite out of it so I’m on the bus which, in Cambridge, is the worst possible form of transport.

So, for next time how do I transport my suit on my bike?


Just roll it all neatly, stick it in your bag of choice, then hang it up once you get to work.


If you have to do it regularly apparently this way is good

But £££££££££££££

Also there’s some other suggestions in the comments here


Wear it.





Definitely not a goer. Sweat is an issue as is the fact that I have a whole working day before I want to be wearing it.


Hold the gosh darn phone is this a Corbyn thread


No different to if you were packing a suit otherwise - just find a suitably flat bag and fold it all nicely, then hang it up as soon as you get the chance.




I’d just fold it in a bag and hang it up when you get there. As long as you’re not leaving it in the bag all day, it’ll be fine.


I am your woman when it comes to all things cycling related.

Looks like rolling it up carefully rather than folding it might be fine.


So, I’m being a crease wuss? Dammit.


Well, unless you leave it packed up in there for the whole day it’ll be fine. I don’t wear a suit to work but I’ll regularly pack a shirt and trousers into my bag and then change after my bike ride.

Where bounce u livin in Cambridge hun anyway?


Hold it up as high as you can and use it as a sail.


I wear a suit to work and cycle in. I roll the suit up, along with the shirt, pack it tight in a carrier bag and carry it in my panniers. I’d have thought a backpack would work easy enough as a pannier replacement. It works fine.


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