How to view the site in "Old DiS" mode

I know that some users weren’t convinced about the category changes, so thought I’d do a quick guide on how to view the site just as it was before :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Go to Profile > Preferences > Categories
  2. Mute “Music” and save changes
  3. On the top left of the home page change “Categories” to “Latest”
  4. You have Old DiS back

You can still access the music board, just

  1. Change “Latest" back to “Categories” on the home page
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. There’s your Music Board

Hope that helps!



Just FYI this thread is appearing at the bottom of the page despite being newest

Also when you put it into latest on the home page there’s an old thread pinned :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s helpful, I was going to ask if it was possible to view various categories as one as it were, while excluding others. Thank you.

No worries, obviously other categories can be taken out in the same way.

You can go to preferences and interface and change the default home button view from categories to latest. This means if you are used to just hitting and DiS anchor at the top left and navigating from there then you just view the latest threads in one screen.

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Ace. @whiterussian can you edit my post at some point to read

  1. Go to Profile > Preferences > Interface
  2. Change “Default Home Page” to “Latest” and save changes
  3. You have Old DiS back

Am I alone in thinking Social should be after the Entertainment and Sportsball categories? Feels like it’s better to group that stuff more together somehow.

will this post move this thread up the list?


there was another thread that was sitting at the top of the list even when others had been replied to. it wasn’t pinned or anything so don’t know why but it’s been moved now.

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Yeah I saw that. But definitely seems to have corrected.

It’s possible WR left the category to order by most popular by default and later fixed it?

Or maybe that list is done via some weird SQL aggregation which was struggling to catch up with all the board changes

Yeah I’d checked a box I shouldn’t’ve

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Really enjoying using the front page in «Latest» mode!

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Oh I didn’t realise it would do that. That’s well better, won’t miss anything.

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Ah the dream