How To With John Wilson

I know this has been mentioned in the Nathan For You thread but it feels like it deserves its own thread.

Started on BBC Two last night, all on Iplayer now as well. Premise of the show is basically a guy has filmed thousands of hours of footage of every day goings on in New York and constructs each episode as a how to do something guide relating to a subject. It’s so great

Only just realised the guy who couldn’t swipe his card in the first episode is Kyle MacLachlan


That collapsing building in ep2 :anguished:

Was perfect Sunday viewing, and also had the same noticing Kyle MacLachlan this time round.

Some of his older work is on his Vimeo JOHNS MOVIES

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incredible television. definitely a show that I’ll keep on rewatching for a long time


I’m obsessed already. Resisting the urge to binge them all.


The full “Simply Human” a capellla version of Roxanne is even better than I’d hoped

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so good

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Iplayers been a dickhead and played the 1st episode again once it finished and ended up clicking season 2 episode 2 and watched it. Do I need to watch these order?

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It did that for me too!
Ep 1 season 1
Ep 2 season 2

I went back and I’m working through season 1 but don’t think they come in any particular order


Good did it for Ladhood last night and all, least that was more obvious

This is proper amazing. Incredible TV.


Oh my fucking god, the whole TLC Tugger bit :joy::joy:


It keeps doing that with us too. Very annoying.

Fuck just got to it

Was in tears. Incredible

Episode 5

Refuse to consider any of these “Referees” someone contact PGMOL

Watched this on our lunch break today. Still not over it!!!

Think I might have been watching these in random order cos of the iplayer thing

Don’t think it really matters though

just finished episode 4 and it was fucking brilliant. really scratches the Nathan For You itch so much that I’m tagging @The_Respected_User to tell them to watch this if they haven’ already

Lost it at the start when the guy was talking about the cover, it went to his wife (?) who just said something nonsensical about not having to cook then panned back to the guy just staring at her

also John Wilson’s voice sounds like Beavis’ kindly younger brother

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Last ep of season one is extraordinary tv.