How To With John Wilson

Thanks man, I grabbed it all illicitly when it aired in the states. Its v, v good.

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Big Lou Reed energy

On the last episode my main takeaway beyond it being brilliant is that New York City is an absolute shithole in a way I didn’t realise when we went and has never really been depicted on screen before.

It is a bit of a shit hole and most people there are just doing something weird all the time. Think that’s why I was disappointed with Portland cause it’s meant to be wall to wall weirdness but New York is 10 x weirder.

I would not recommend this show to anyone who hasn’t been to New York.

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Same except it wound me up cos I hate not consuming media in the right order.

the army rations guy oh my christ what am i watching


Oh god, the ventriloquist

‘This is Smokey’
‘What do you do Smokey?’
‘Please no, we have enough’


What a wonderful show. Lots of highlights but the the referees’ Christmas dinner was unbelievable


His cat is so adorable

So, having finished this, my thoughts are:

  • it was brilliant
  • NY can look like a dump sometimes
  • the fact that iPlayer played it out of order worked really well for me- it played S1E6 then S2E6 and they flowed perfectly. Risotto then Spontaneity. Ahhh.
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also finished this evening. need more!!

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Well the a cappalla group story in the wine episode took one hell of a turn


think i’m gonna watch this one again this evening, it was too crazy to take in all at once

The guy who made Bang seems like an actual robot


this is perfect telly really, apart from when was having my tea watching the furniture one last night

also iplayer really fucked up with what was on next

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I love the way he says “wow” when he’s interviewing people. Makes me chuckle every time he does it.


I proper get a polite Beavis and Butthead vibe off him

‘Nice legs…nice legs…nice ones’

Awww when he goes to see Mama in the last ep and she holds his hand watching TV

Absolutely brilliant show. So glad BBC picked it up, hope its doing well