How top posts are calculated

Does this seem ok to everyone? Haven’t ever tweaked it

I wouldn’t change it. It’s not a big deal and we’ve got used to it never having known how it was calculated.

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Guess I’m asking more for users who don’t have much time to come to the site, whether what’s in top posts feels like a good reflection of everything.

Oh, I thought this was how it calculated something on our profile, sorry.

Can’t have an opinion on the abstract formula to be honest.

Could you show us what the resulting top posts list looks like with this formula and what tweaking different aspects would make that output look like?

Feel like it will be a lot easier to say “that list looks right” rather than everyone unpick the formula themselves.

The top posts are here. There are options to have them as the homepage rather than latest posts.

I read this and I still don’t really get what it’s doing and I don’t really think it’s worth changing, TBH

It’s probably the sort of calculation you only worry about if you have a forum where you have few members or members with a low like number available per day, or else you get lots of topics but with few replies.

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