How visitor ready is your house?


On average. Do you always keep it tidy, is the mess easy enough to hide in a hurry, or it a total tip unless you know someone is coming?

Feel free to discuss impromptu visits to your house


it’s fine (in my humble) but my wife usually requires 3 or 4 hours preparation time if there is the slightest chance of someone crossing the threshold.


Never. I am very much against people just dropping in. A weeks notice at least.

I’m kidding btw, but they need to be a bit accepting of the chaos.


It’s lived in I suppose. A little clutter, but not overly messy


my flat’s always pretty tidy.
cannot remember the last time someone just popped by without giving me a heads up first.


alright 1950’s


More or less comes with an open disclaimer of a slight descent into madness.

HOWEVER it’s come one, come all - at any time of day or night so probably more welcoming than most despite being a hovel.


We run a pretty tight ship when it comes to living room and kitchen. We both hate clutter and mess so usually have a little tidy about each evening before bed and I like to potter around in the morning before work. Never any washing up left in the sink or anything like that. No way.

I also have a cleaner :blush:


At the moment I wouldn’t answer the door to anyone. Plan to tidy up tonight though so it should be fine after that.

Swing between immaculate and oh my god there’s been squatters in here.


oh I do my bit and keep things generally tidy and clean


If I had my way 10/10.
Due to my wife’s hurricane like habits 5/10.


Same here. 80% of the time it’s like a show home. The rest is embarrassingly bad.



got m8s staying next weekend, we’ve already started tidying up


Depends how fine the visitors are with clothes drying everywhere or needing put away.


Never feel visitor ready. Ever. Even though it’s probably okay. I mean I never notice other people’s houses and think they should be cleaner/tidier.

It’s getting to be a problem.


I think its a mess… most people who come round say its tidy… I think they’re just being polite :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Also forgot to add that there is usually about 3 pairs of my knickers knocking about on the floor in the bedroom but no ones going in there.


The spare room (yes, I know) is a horrorshow.

The rest is usually passable.

I have habit of using the stairs as a place for piles of paper


But also they can fuck off because I hate having people in my fortress of solitude.


You are my kind of friend. I love a bit of mess. It makes me feel more comfortable. I remember my ex boyfriends mum was terrifyingly clean. I dropped a grain of rice* on the carpet once and he was like “quickly, pick it up before she sees”

*slight exaggeration… but honestly not much.