🎮🎮🎮 How Was It?: Oddworld Abe's Exodus 👽👽👽

@AQOS @anon19035908 Hope this gets your blessing

We got music, we got video, now time for video games

First up: The game about Mudokken looking to free his spieces from slavery via Mind Control and farts. Oddworld Abes Exodus


So DiS. How Good Was It Really?

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Results will be revealed 15.30 9th June

Please PM me any games you’d like to see here and I’ll use some suggestions


Fine by me! You might want to put a couple of relevant emojis around the HGWIR in the title so it’s easier to differentiate at a glance.

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Easily one of my fav games ever. I loved the style, music, character designs, humor… just everything about it. The atmosphere is fantastic and the puzzle based platforming really clicked with me, so much so I ended up playing it to completion at least 10 times.


Not played it. 3/5

Annoying as all hell. 2.

Had a demo version I played with my brothers, we got a lot of mileage out of the farting and whistling and blowing peoples heads up but we weren’t good at figuring out the puzzles and stuff. 3/5

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Love the thread idea. Never played this though.

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I was thinking about starting this on here for a few weeks but I figured it would be a bit too much with the TV/music threads already running.

So I stole the idea and started a thread on SA instead :smile:


I don’t mind at all BUT would be good if there’s a different name from HGWIR cos I wanna keep TV and games separate for when people search. Other than that of course it’s fine!

I liked Abe’s a lot but was terrible at it, so just replayed the first bit over and over. Had the remake recently and was still terrible at it. 3 because of Abe’s voice and farts.

Anyway as for Exoddus:

+1 smart mechanics
+2 comedy
+1 anticapitalist themes
-1 Lorne Lanning is a POS


Love the thread idea also

I haven’t actually played it since childhood, but my memories of it are really fond and the whole atmosphere has stayed with me so I might go 4 on it

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Someone do these threads for books and radio too and then we’ll really have a stew goin’

(and loads of people will be annoyed which will be lol)


Don’t forget movies!

had this and heart of darkness as my intro to 2d platformers, so many fond memories

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played this and odyssey not too long ago, both 10/10 all time classics in my humble opinion


Like this idea. ‘HGWIR: I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’

How so?

It was good. 4.

He’s gone full right-wing conspiracy theorist

Has he? Thats disappointing , ive not noticed though