How was your summer?

Probably one of the worst summers on record for me tbh, after a few absolute belters. Weather has been forgettable, a few of my m9s have moved away, and I didn’t go on holiday at all.



i didn’t really have one tbh

Fucking awful! Like, really bad. Thanks for asking!!
Work-terrible and no time off, personal life- pure stress every fucking day, horrendous. Weather- like 2 days of summer. Now have autumn and winter in this tourist dump

Was good ta

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Terrible weather, barely anything eventful or of note, complicated and ongoing love problems, no money, complete lack of creativity or anything fulfilling intellectually or emotionally.


Started my current job on June 2nd and have been fairly flat out ever since so much of it passed me by. Went away for a ton of weekends (Berlin, Scotland, France, Guernsey, Island Of White, Camp Bestival) which was good but meant that between weekly travelling and packing/upacking and work I seem to have been permanently knackered all summer. Got an ace cycling tan though. 7/10

Autumn is the best season anyway…

same as anything else, i.e. mostly tedious

went to netherlands and belgium (and germany for probably less than a minute) which was quite good


I want out of 10 ratings here, guys.

fucks sake.

happy now?

Holland won the Euros


RFwares is rating it but taking the piss. 7.5?!

oooh check out the ratings police

Ruffers is a nihilist, so it doesn’t matter


Pretty good: got married (weather was good), went to Italy, had some weekends away in the UK, saw friends, sat in beer gardens, did loads of DIY.

Obvs would be better if I didn’t have to work for a living, but you know.

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its been fucking pants, hasn’t it. I’ve drank in a park twice. TWICE.

2/10. since mid-June, pretty much every day has been at least a bit of a struggle. MH has been total shit, work has been total shit, thing I was massively pumped for didn’t happen, got this close to my dream job and didn’t get it, got rejected from fuckloads of other jobs even when I had a great interview, comfort eaten so much chocolate and put on loads of weight, got yelled at personally by a few customers.

pretty much the only positives: caught lots of new Pokemon, did well at a Countdown tournament, Spice continues to be alive and utterly delightful (and he’s become really fond of me recently, which my dad is v jealous of) :heart:

not the biggest fan of summer anyway tbh. i go out in the sun for a couple hours and drink a couple beers but then start to feel awful and need to go home or to a dank, cold pub to recover

I got drunk in a park by myself on Tuesday evening after work because it was so shit.

nothing wrong with that.

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