How was your summer?

8/10 Best new summersic

  • Went gallivanting round France for two weeks
  • Got fired* when I got home so no summer stuck in an office - result!
  • Got to travel round the country on trains looking for jobs. I really like trains.
  • Spent time at my parents gaff. Looked for jobs** in the morning then cycled to the nude beach*** in the afternoon to relax and swim in glorious Cornish sunshine.

*Contract not renewed but fired looks better on the CV.
**Mostly read DiS and Twitter
***Its the closest beach to their house I swear


saw two gigs this year! That’s more than I’ve ever been to in a year! In that respect it’s been a good summer.

we all love ya pervo!

Be well and give yourself a big hug, it’s going to be ok :slight_smile:

Went to Austin, Texas in May. Brilliant.

Some idiot at work got a promotion that I wasn’t interested in but now I work under this moron.

Overall. 7/10.

Who are you, thewarn?

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DOUBLE CYCLING with @rich-t @plasticniki @plasticmike @TontonZolaMoukoko @japes (plus single cycling with loads of other GBOLs).:biking_man::biking_woman::biking_man::biking_woman:
END OF THE ROAD WAS GOOD :microphone::man_dancing:
SLEAZYS :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:

no proper holiday but pretty decent all-in



2 x bike nerd trips!
4 x ~200km bike rides!
Nearly finished a room in the flat!

It was okay, 7/10?




Feel like it completely passed me by.

First half was great, but then I was travelling through Latin America so it couldn’t really not be amazing.

Second half I moved back to the UK after being abroad for 2 years. Which has been a mix of exciting and unsettling, what with new job, house/housemates and opportunities, but also realising that people move on with their lives in 2 years and that a lot of what I had in London say 3 years ago isn’t the same any more.

maybe a 3 or 4. wore shorts for the whole thing and tonight my boss FINALLY said i’m llooking good he also said “you’re really liking shorts at the moment aren’t you”
yes. i am. and it’s good to know it’s appreciated too.
I have an interview tomorrow and if it goes alright it’ll be a 6
Summer’s not over yet guys! making some elderberry jam tomorrow too. :smiley_cat:

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went to yorkshire :smiley_cat:

Met a lot of great people (mainly off of here, bike wankers and non bike wankers), went to a lot of lovely places (and Glasgow), spent a lot of good time with my fiancée, went to a great music festival, became an uncle again.

Weather was shit, my commute has been getting to me and has put a strain on money, personal life and relationship over the summer, severe lack of cycling action, I live somewhere where I don’t know anybody so socialising is tough.

Let’s call it a 5/10

Moved to Leeds, went to Berlin, went to Fluff Fest, got a job. 7.5/10


was fine, did some fun stuff but now it’s over it feels like i haven’t that much

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Pretty shit. 3/10.

Probably my least favourite time of the year tbh. Not much eventful happens in my life and for some reason, Summer intensifies this feeling.

I feel like I’m supposed to enjoy myself and make the most of everything, but I never can/do. My friends hardly ever go out on weekends anymore, we still do but not that regularly. Is this what suddenly happens when you’re in your mid-20s? Because it’s a bit depressing. Or do I need to move to a city and make new friends?

Maybe I’m still trying to adjust to life post-uni idk.

Had a wonderful 6 weeks holiday in Ireland, Germany and Italy

Sicily being the absolute highlight, loved it


Total mixed bag. Moved to Berlin, got to visit Canada and Copenhagen for the first time for music work, but in-between those good things wasted a lot of the summer feeling sorry myself


I can’t remember drinking in a beer garden once this summer.

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