How was your weekend?


i went to austria
had a roast dinner
& fixed my neighbours roof



I went to visit my gf’s Nan in hospital, ran a half marathon, watched football, ate curry and went to the cinema.


I had a bad cold and spent most of it lying around feeling sorry for myself. Also I finished Mass Effect Andromeda.


Saw my uni mates for the first time in ages, played a 3 hour concert in a park, was heavily flirted with by a friend’s sister at a party, and designed myself a website. Good weekend.


that’s a good weekend.
3 hour concert!?


Bloody nightmare. Played well though.

It was freezing…


Went to DIY Pop Festival in the dirty hole that is London, great bands, food and company (should move it to somewhere nicer though). Came back yesterday and hung out with a delightful Sicilian woman. Was massively tired and compounded it by watching The Leftovers till 2am this morning.

I regret nothing.


Bike ride with the kids
Lots of Mario Kart with the kids
Made a Roast lamb lunch
Went to a pub quiz
Made a lamb pie with the leftover lamb


Also saw the face of true evil.


But I don’t remember meeting up??!


You’re way too cute for this encounter.


the face of true evil?


You heard me.

Check the thread.

Or don’t if you value untroubled sleep.


went out for a drink with an old friend and met her partner, went to a photography show, lay down in a park, ate one of the best meals ever, went campaigning with labour, napped, cooked, cleaned, read.


painted the kitchen a bit.

went to a friends house for drinks but the chat was all middle age bloke chat. Honestly think I am just TOO punk for my age.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 with the boys yesterday which was great. 25 mins too long but great.


Great thanks, Mr S.

Played a gig with my covers band on Saturday evening, where we turned a pretty uninterested crowd into a thronging, dancefloor-filling mob by the end.

Relaxed, played Crusader Kings II and got drunk on Sunday.

On Monday, finished recording the third song and got close to finishing the fourth for my other band’s 4-track EP that we’re aiming to release in maybe August/September.


what was best meal ever??

How was campaiging ? What did you have to do?


I’d like to campaign but I would never be able to formulate my thoughts into proper sentences and I’d just get mad a start barking “cus tory cunts?!” at people.

I wholeheartedly support those that do.


Alright, didn’t do much. Watched a film, started Kimmy Schmidt, tried to sleep (failed).

Shouldn’t have drunk last night as I feel exhausted/miserable at the mo.


I went to see The Ferryman (excellent), a 40th birthday (nearly ruined by an arsehole bouncer at the end), Ben Klock at Printworks and Horsemeat Disco. It was all in all, a very good weekend though do have some guilt for spending Monday not leaving the flat.