How we all coping with the crisps shortage?

Thought we could all support each other in here

Didn’t realise that’s what all the crisps threads were about last week

Delete this thread


I’ve still got a few bags. £5 + delivery fee to anyone who wants a bag.

how big of a bag are we talking about?

25g take it or leave it, choice is yours.

then I will leave it, thank you

I’m going to eat some now then.

you must savour the moment

They were more inspired by it rather than about it. I don’t think we directly addressed it as its just too raw.

As mentioned in the evening thread though:

London has lots more crisps in stock comparatively (compared to Manchester, Glastonbury, Bristol and Liverpool where I have conducted recent surveys)

Not enough people are talking about the shortage. Very suspicious. Makes u think.


bought some Pombears (multi pack) today


Availability of crisps at work was terrible about 6wks ago. Got better since, but yeah, not good

Cornershops are far more reliable, as always, for crisps. The local cornershop must have some black market links as its got loads in. Willing to buy and post and undercut @dktrfaustus no matter the cost to our professional crisp amnesty that had been in place until now


Didn’t know there was one



This has reminded me, at the tv’s uncle’s this weekend they had more crisps than I think I’ve seen at any party in my life. I ate lots and actually forgot the shortage existed. Now I’m questioning how they got their hands on so many, even in the crisp wealthy London they shouldn’t have had access to such variety and numbers.

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Don’t trust prepackaged crisps, too manay chemicals. Always make my own.


Good stuff mate, just ready salted?

Will you make some and send them to us?

Plenty in Morrisons (looked like they’d had a fresh Kettle Chips delivery) but very little in the co-op. Weird.

Will share their address for £2