How well do you know the layout of your local supermarket?



If I were to say to you “Tell me where the gluten free cheese biscuits are” would you be able to tell me using your mind palace?




Embarrassingly well considering they changed it all this year

Gluten free cheese biscuits are across from the conserves. Also when people are like “where are the eggs?” to each other I’ll pipe up even tho they aren’t talking to me like “over there by the long life milk!” like I work there lol


my mind palace has both an Asda AND a Morrisons. Take your pick.

EDIT : and a Sainos - no wonder I can’t remember anything else.


would even tell you how to get to it VIA the cheese aisle in the most time efficient way


How long did it take you to adapt to the new format?


I know the local Lidl and Aldi layouts really well. Big Tescs not so much as it’s fucking shit.


and how irked were you when it changed?


About 3 or 4 visits! It’s a Morrisons and I love it, favourite supermarket by far


ah ffs i’m jealous now.

we have a lidl and a sainsburys. the former is so good, but the choice is lacking. the the latter is so fucking pricey

i YEARN for Morrisons


We do our groceries online so type it in and away you go.


It’s excellent! We have a Waitrose thats about 10 min closer which is good but £££, Morrisons just delivers on every front


I’d point you towards the Gluten Free section in the shit aisle.

Morrisons - aisle three, after the tinned fruit.

Tesco - little add-on shelf around the first corner. Basically some macaroons and a couple of loaves of bread that taste like shoes.

Asda - they just bung it all in the world foods section. Think i saw it the other day when i was buying some Polish spiced beans and laughing at the cock seasoning.


Idk because I only ever buy the same 10 things


Tesco just shifted everything around. I’ve shopped there for nigh 20 years and this is the first major move. I’m too old for this shit


Every time i go to a big supermarket there’s always a middle-aged/old white man dashing round like a maniac shopping in order of a list he’s made rather than casually just doing the aisles in order. It’s the weirdest mental block ever.


I currently do my food shop at 4 different places, which may seem ridiculous and untenable but its working quite well


far too well. They rearranged the chilled aisles last week and I couldn’t find anything and was fuming. Nearly complained


Gluten free biscuits are at the start of the second aisle from the left as you walk in.

I know the layout very well, given that I’m not even moved in yet. GF has lived next to it for five years and still doesn’t know how it is laid out. Shopping with her is difficult.


I know Lidl so well I can write my shopping list in precise order to go up and down each aisle, with the correct items following one another. Coleslaw then bacon then sausages, cheese at the top then back down the next aisle for chicken and down to the spuds.