How well do you know the order of the letters on a keyboard?



I was bored in a meeting yesterday so decided to try and memorise them all. Turned out to be not as hard as I thought.

You’ve got qwerty at the top, so that was an easy start. Then I had to just memorise uiop, which in my mind made me think of pancakes so that’s how I remember it.

Then on the middle one asdf was easy enough as those are those videos, then came the hardest bit to remember ghjkl which I just remembered as a ghost (gh) then just carry on with the alphabet, but don’t use the i because you used that already.

Then, it was none other than board member @1000YearBanFFS who helped me remember zxcbvnm. ZX spectrum, curriculum vitae, best new music.

How well do you think you’d do?


Terribly, it’s all muscle memory for me


I know all the numbers


this reminds me of the typing hame i invernted where you are not allowed to look at the keyboard at all. Im better at this then |I was last time


Incorrect. So close, too - right at the death!


i can touch type, so who cares?




Yeah, think he’s @1000YearBanFFS these days…


Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain


By heart. I had a football game on my Amiga 500 that had really long loading screens, so I used to sing the keyboard letters in order along with the loading music. I did it so frequently that it’s still burned into my brain, 25 years later.

I was a lonely child.




Did that without looking.







thought that would be easy but its really not


What were you trying to do?




How well can you touchtype the alphabet?






urgh, so close :frowning: