How well do you know the order of the letters on a keyboard?

Not that well. Have touch typed for many a year but just consciously thinking about the placement of the letters while typing this is making my head hurt a bit

I think I could tell you what row a letter was in, and potentially right middle or left but I feel as tho I can never prove this to you because I’m typing on a keyboard so it’s cheating!

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because i’m really cool


fell apart under pressure at the end.

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Same here. I couldn’t tell you the order of the letters but I can still type at 90 words a minute.

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?! Why!

more ergonomic. the qwerty layout was designed so that old typewriters wouldn’t jam. the dvorak layout was designed to be better to type on.

it’s too much hassle to change everything now so almost everyone uses the stupid layout :man_shrugging:

i like mentioning this whenever we talk about keyboards :nerd_face:

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my god not this AGAIN

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You absolute Theo





I just did a test and it was actually 77 words a minute. Probably varies from day to day depending on my lethargy levels.

Oh, so I did this and thought WOW, 55 is so low, that’s amazing. Then I got 99 WPM and thought damnit! …

my poor, slow brain.


I thought I had typed slower than you but I hadn’t.

Good story.

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