How well do you know the services nearest to where you live?

Not at all I’ll bet!!!

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Know Lymm services pretty well. Handy for me when heading back from the airport and need a maccas/Greggs.

I’ve done a poo there, if that’s what you’re asking.

I know many services very well indeed but my local one is not one of them.

Don’t even know what it is.

Sutton Scotney

Quite often nip here for a McDs, both north and southbound. Know it pretty well thanks

Never stopped at the Winchester services on the M3 mind. But they’re further away

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Quiet well. They’re split over both sides of the road so you get to walk above the motorway like an Angel.

english peoples’ obsession with services is a constant source of bafflement


not sure if they have them in the netherlads

I have been into the Sutton Scotney Maccies.

I have also been to the Winchester services very very hungover when I believe they had a Wimpy. My pal threw up into the paper bag.

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Just cause you don’t have roads longer than ten miles :woman_shrugging:

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I’m about three miles from Clackett Lane on the M25. I’ve only been there for a toilet stop when I’d been stuck in traffic and I was desperate and wouldn’t make it home.

It is my nearest McDonalds and there is a back way in without having to use the M25. A lot of locals use it, but I never have.

South Mimms has only recently become my nearest. I know it quite well and it’s absolutely shite.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is my some time local, Tebay, which is by some considerable margin the best services in the UK, possibly on the planet.

Hey @AQOS, how about a World Cup of services?

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Tebay to be excluded. Would just destroy every other services


Leigh Delamere.

Been to the heading west one for a burger king on the way to Exeter once. Think that’s all I’ve got.

Nope, Tebay north and south on different sides of the draw.

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Can’t have a Tebay final. It’d be like the Isner Mahut tennis match from a few years ago. Neverending

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Saw Kelly from Stereophonics here getting some valentine’s day flowers and an M&S dine in when I last stopped there.

Got good changing facilities too.

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I live around 35 miles from the nearest motorway. I have memories of going to the M&S there, but why would you go regularly to your nearest service station (unless you regularly needed a poo)?

Saw Clare Balding at Blyth Services on the A1. She held the door open for me with her foot. I was so starstruck I almost forgot to thank her, but was shocked out of my reverie by her stern glance that had almost become an indignant harrumph. Dodged a bullet there.

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