How well do you know your constituency?


This is actually really good

makes you guess re: the average voter in your area. I was mainly right although i snobbishly underguessed education levels and over guessed public sector workers in Eltham.


lucky @eltham


alright no more jokes about that or he’s going to be inundated by email notifications


Overestimated the average age by 15 years but otherwise pretty bang on. Slightly lowballed the average property price because it’s FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SEVENTY THOUSAND SHITTING POUNDS.


i didn’t get asked about property prices

26/100 so apparently i know nothing about where i live


60/100. Have only lived here 9 months :nail_care:


not bad considering haven’t actually properly lived there for 10+ years

fluffed: property prices (jfc how much are houses in the uk now)
fluffed: age (thought everyone was well old)
nailed: public sector workers
nailed: foreigns


Winchester: 79/100

Overestimated number of degree holders, went high 50s it’s mid-40s. Got the average house price about 2 grand out. Went high on health, lost a load of points. Got public sector and turnout bang on. Can’t remember rest.


Harru: Nailing foreigners and public sector workers



How well do you know the constituency of Lewisham East?
You scored:

32 out of 100


I’ve lived here for over 10 years. :slight_smile:



still only managed 78/100 on my second try :upside_down:

no idea what the average weekly wage is. felt like when they ask some posh tory how much a pint of milk costs.


it’s quite weird isn’t it when suddenly you realise how hermitically we now live. like i did okay but only coz of some guesses




Leeds north east





52 out of 100 = ‘You know your neck of the woods’


Delighted to still be living in a Bromley bubble where I know is nothing about the people around me, except that nobody can afford to buy property here unless they’re a Tory.


where bounce you hun?

(which bit of NE leeds you in?)