How were you going to change the world?

I was just thinking today about all the things I wanted to do with my life when I was younger, and how actually I’ve achieved very few of them.

I used to think I was somehow going to be part of some new wave art movement, and these days I don’t even draw.

I remember genuinely thinking one of my friends would be a high ranking politician, if not Prime Minister. We thought we were gonna rule the world.

In what ways did you used to think you’d impact the world? Did you achieve any of it?

Always thought I would be a great rockstar guitarist or something ever since I was 5 and played air guitar with a tennis racket along to Queen’s greatest hits on VHS.

Didn’t achieve it I’m afraid.

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I thought I would be King of my world and I am. Daretodream


Tbh I had no self belief as a child / teenager so I’d say I’m overachieving.


aw this is very poignant :frowning:

It’s alright, don’t feel sad! Life worked out okay.

Last year a few of my old classmates got in contact with me via Facebook (I’d commented on a class photo that someone else was tagged in). And they all said how they thought I was a genius and was going to be Prime Minister or something, and held me in this sort-of awe… It was odd as I had no idea at the time!


probably were/are a genius, most people on here are!

I was going to write the most brilliant novels the world had ever seen

In reality I write pretty mediocre film reviews

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I don’t know that I ever had any thoughts of any real grandeur.

I did for a few years harbour mild ambitions of perhaps playing professional football - but I knew that top flight football would always be beyond me.

All other ambitions have been comparitively small-fry, really.

Didn’t really think about it

I bet they’re way better than mediocre! Sadly probably can’t read them as I’m a silly English

When i was little i decided to be a ‘writer’, except that i just wanted to do the front cover and someone else could do all the boring writing. I came up with an idea for a terminator rip-off called the liquidator, and was devastated when i found out it was a boring financial thing.

And thus ended my writing career.


This is a good question. As a teenager I was determined that I was single handedly going to create a vaccine for some deadly disease and cure lots of people. Then I got into vaccine research and realised that it’s not actually quite that simple. I did contribute a very tiny amount to a couple of vaccines but ultimately I failed with that ambition. The hope now is that one of the cancer drugs I work on will make it to market and have a positive effect for people.


Ffs, nobody who’s actually making a difference to the world should be allowed to post in here!!!


Wanted to be a children’s TV presenter

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Bloody hell. I think you can consider this dream achieved! Maybe there was no eureka I cured cancer moment but what an amazing dream and what great work to have done anyway.

When a close family member of mine died I remember thinking “I’m going to be a scientist and work on a cure!” until I started studying the sciences and realised I was completely shit at them and would never achieve that goal.

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To be clear I am merely a tiny tiny cog in a very big wheel.

Edit: have a mixed my metaphors here? :thinking:


All I ever wanted was to play music. I do that now. I’m happy.

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No way, I love your work!



Well I had a science encyclopaedia when I was young and I though armed with that I would do great, great things