How were you going to change the world?

big fan of the quantity of blood spatter around the arm. brutal.

Basically the cancer thing too.

I don’t really contribute that much, but I develop imaging techniques to improve diagnosis and prognostication and assess treatment response in clinical trials, so it fulfills me just about enough.


Haven’t read the thread, but I’m not sure why anyone can’t live out their dreams, however ambitious.

Society always tells you stuff like “you don’t stand a chance”, “don’t bother pursuing that dream, the chances of that happening to you are one in a million”.

It’s hogwash. You can do anything if you really put your mind to it*. You just have to alter your way of thinking. It’s all down to you, not society. It’s actually very easy to deviate from the norm and become an exception in something.

*unless it’s something actually impossible like being batman.

However, I am drunk as I’m typing this, and what I’ve posted in the depression thread would suggest I think very much the opposite.

are all the adverts for countdown tournaments written in anagrams



I thought I’d design album covers and be really influential and well paid. Did a “Best Of” cover for Bryan Adams which he basically insisted on doing himself and paid f**k all for it. Thus closing that avenue for CHAIRMAN_LMAO.

Ratts: a9m prash

You wonder why he bothered hiring you if he wasn’t gonna listen to your professional opinion! I bet you weren’t in the studio going “less bass on that there lad” as recorded.



Sounds like my childhood.

I remember ‘performing’ Welcome to the Jungle by G’n’R to a babysitter when I was about 8.

My thing was a bit heartbreaking - my older brother was a virtuoso pianist; scolarship to Royal College of Music/Cambridge University so when I started showing a talent on the guitar it was assumed I’d be the same. Sacked off a-levels and university to work on my music career and naturally it went nowhere.

Still remember saying to my mum in about 1995 that I’d be headlining Glastonbury in 2000!

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you’re like me but with a better pedigree and probably more successful life <3

It’s all relative mate

yeah and you’re relatively awesome :wink:

I don’t feel it, but that’s very kind of you to say.

BTW, you’re a big kozelek fan - have you ever seen him live?

not yet but I’m going to see him in November actually

Nice. Where, and what setup? Band or solo?

London somewhere and I’m not sure I think it’s solo. My mate’s got the tickets

Wait, what?

I’ve seen him maybe 10 times now. Absolutely outstanding, and the guy is a ridiculously good guitar player.

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I know he’s problematic but he’s my favourite artist of all time I think