How wet is your ass right now?

Mine literally couldn’t be wetter.

I’m squelching around the office.

Pretty darn moist

wet enough to eat

oh god I’m so sorry

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Very dry


Burn him.

Just back from a lunchtime swim in the river so it’s currently a 2 but was 10 within the last half hour.

It’s true. The secret is to carefully place a medium sized egg in between the cheeks. This improves air flow and circulation and avoids moisture buildup. Plus after a day of shuffling around the house, the residual heat is enough to slowly cook the egg (soft/medium boiled) ready for a pre-dinner snack


If 1 is Prince Andrew, and 10 is “oh no, I fear something disastrous has happened”, I would say 2.5

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Everyone in this thread should be murdered


On the Prince Andrew scale 3.8 feel it could build to a BNM (Best New Moistness) of 8.6 by the end of the day.

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p dry tbh

Tell you what’s a nice treat in summer (and it’s one of my worst habits environment wise, but please remember I have a very small carbon footprint so I’m allowed one naughty thing), a pack of moist towelettes in the fridge or freezer.
What. A. Delight.

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This reply is a thing of beauty

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What do you do with the towelettes? Drape them over your forehead?


& @dktrfaustus baby wipes basically
I refresh my downstairs region with them, and then I lie naked from the waist down in front of a fan

Bit like how one of you, was it Theo? Does after using original source mint and tea tree shower gel


this monkey’s gone to woking


I have a Wet Ass Ass, WAA if you will


I will!

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