How/why do...

…people eat cake without something wet?

Been going to a couple of fancy cake shops and they’re nice and that, but they look at you like you’ve curled one out on the floor if you ask for a bit of custard.

Give me a blob of ice cream or something, ffs. Dry food ain’t the one.

Glad we all agree.


Just burst out laughing at that, thanks

Good cake shouldn’t be dry, and if it’s layered with cream cheese/frosting/butter icing etc, shouldn’t need anything else really.
But a plain sponge must be accompanied by cream /custard/ice-cream etc
Cakes with ganaches should also always be served with something creamy to cut through the rich/chocolateyness.


I’m the kind of guy who tends to avoid wet things with dry food where possible. I’ll have a dollop of very thick cream with cake from time to time but that’s about that

My grandad used to have any sort of cake/doughnut/tart in a bowl with milk. Said it was a habit he picked up during his national service because the cake was dry and dreadful.

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My grandad picked up a taste for cat stew during his national service… Spanish enlistment hits different I suppose.


We all have different tongues

Can’t really think of a cake that wouldn’t benefit from a bit of double cream.

Nice bit of gravy with your cake

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All of them

if the cake isn’t moist, I’m walking

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They can’t stop you from ordering a cake and a glass of water!!


Before you knew it we were dumping that water on those cakes! The waiters were coming to try and snatch em up, we had to eat as fast as we could!


Hate pub cakes that have inadequate ice cream ratios

slop 'em up!


anyway you need a nice cup of tea with your nice bit of cakey don’t you