How will YOU sit down?

or as a circle, or as a zed, or as etc.

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Yeah, that’s always crucial when it comes to meeting and conversing with someone. It’s why I always say “Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin” at the start of any socialising I take part in


Sean Connery said the same thing, to a less-comforting effect

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Is all of your socialising in the form of a scary tale?

No, it’s usually just chatting, laughing etc

but not necessarily in that order

sometimes I like to sit on my hands, feels good

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Are you sitting comfortably?


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No, ALWAYS in that order. If it seems like there might be a joke or something funny said, I ask if the person can defer it to the latter, post-chat stage of the socialising.

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Big bisexual energy from this chair. Good for them.


The Kermit of Limbs

  • In sympathy
  • In love
  • in fear
  • In hate
  • in tears
  • Next to me

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