How 'with it' are you?

Couldn’t think of a better phrase but you know what I mean. Not just with fashion, but new music, celebrity news, memes, films, pop culture in general, that kinda thing, how up to date would you say you are across the board?

  • Not one bit, time and it’s passing fads are an irrelevance to me and I know nothing of current trends
  • Not really, maybe in a couple of areas but generally fairly unaware
  • Mediocre
  • In a fair few ways actually yeah, there are a number of things I could safely say I was up to date with
  • Really on it. Absolutely au fait with all the latest hip new shit. My finger is so on the pulse that I am the pulse.

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My squad


Happy slapping, is that what the kids are into these days?


Can chat shite with 20 year olds no problem. My god kids find it wild that I’m older than their parents.

Only thing I’m not on is tiktok because I think it might be illegal for 40+ People to be on it


have you heard this new style of dubstep music.

sounds like a flipping computer shitting itself haha

but you know you can still tap your toes to it like

I think having teenage kids helps me keep up to date with stuff but i will not pretend i like or relate to most of it

Only just got to grips with Vine

Tim or Jeremy?


He’s a slippery customer don’t let those cute selfies with the kid fool you


is that meet me at McDonalds hair still going?



I know most of the tiktok memes, and could tell you who’s in the charts and that.

i feel relatively with it still, but i’m also in my own bubble because it’s not like i’m chatting to many people about what i know.

i’m only up to date with new music if it’s made for 30 year olds


This place is good for keeping on top of music stuff, and my wife keeps me up to date with a lot of scandal/gossip stuff and some memes. My TikTok is mostly recipes and people reviewing chicken shops but I have a pretty good handle on what’s what. Fashion-wise though, absolutely no chance. Don’t know and don’t care.

Bloke core mate, chuck an old argyle shirt on, some jeans and some shit trainers and you’re in.
Balenciaga were rocking it on the catwalk last night

Music/films/wider pop culture - yes
Celebs/charts - no
Fashion - lol no
Memes - so-so

There’s a lot of none rap rap where the rapper/producer names are written in death metal fonts

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Way ahead of you there!

hell yeah