How would you clean this rug?

It’s about 1.5m diameter

Tell me!

Put it through the washing machine

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Has it got a tag with care instructions?

White vinegar.

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In some of the big asdas and b&qs you can hire rugdoctor machines, but its like £20 or more for just a day so probably only worthwhile if you have other rugs and carpets too

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Buy a new one


Too big to fit in annoyingly :pensive:

Gonna be a bastard to get it dry I think no matter what I do. Doing my head in.

Doesn’t seem to. It’s 100% polypropylene though which I think means you can do whatever to it.

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Put it in a bowl of rice



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Have you got a bath? Whack it in there with some detergent. Soak and then handwash it?

PITA though.

Have you tried the post office?

Yeah that was my plan. Have just messaged a dry cleaning place to see if they’ll do it because I cba.

Most exciting thread of the last decade.

Another in a long line of reasons why having a rug is abhorrent.

Thank you for reminding me that I need to look into this, our living room carpet really needs it and I keep forgetting

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Check the washing instructions first, but pop it through the washing machine on the hottest wash possible. Even a 60 degree will get the worst of it out.
I mean, it’s not that filthy tbf. But if you have the means, pop some carpet fresh from poundland (or some baking powder/soda) on there, leave it for at least six hours and then suck it all up with a nozzle hoover attachment. It’ll come up stunning x


Could take it to the laundrette, I do that for my quilts and its very satisfying putting stuff into those gigantic drums