How would you feel if one of your family members became a Blueberry?

  • Get Excited
  • Get sort of Excited
  • Neutral
  • Slightly worried
  • Very Worried
  • Get upset and Ask them to be juiced

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I’d be so annoyed about that

I’d put them in a muffin and then eat them all up, om nom nom!

at whom?

was it a muffin you ate for lunch the other day in the end?

go on, just admit it

no it was a packet of extra strong mints!

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That is unusual

yeah, I do feel bad for wasting everybody’s time sorry


Is this the first of a series of poll threads based on what happens to characters in ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’?

Spoilers ffs

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I’ve put Very Worried but actually, depends what member of my family we are talking.

Would think it was cyanosis