How would YOU fix music streaming?

A lot of people seem to forget PayPal fees when talking about Bandcamp charges, too.

Even on Bandcamp’s no fee day artists still have a % taken away from every single sale via automatic PayPal transaction fees.

Yeah I don’t know.

I guess I want to establish if they’re genuinely raking it in or if we’re basically at the stage of saying anything that’s running a profit from musicians is wrong? (Maybe it’s somewhere in between)

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PayPal can be really frustrating both as a seller and a buyer. The way they allocate the fees can seem almost random. Obviously in this case the fees are coming of the artist so I think it would be a really good idea for Bandcamp to actually add this as a separate charge to the buyer. If you buy from Juno for example you pay an additional charge if you pay via PayPal.

Having said that there are credit card transaction fees for sellers too so in this case does that mean Bandcamp are paying the charges?

Bandcamp fees are 15% on digital items and 10% on physical.

Plus transaction fees of around 6%.

Labels are charged $20 per month to subscribe.

I dont consider these to be insignificant. Hence why they make such a big deal on the Fridays they sometimes waive them

I’ve been wondering about this kind of thing as well. It’s not exactly the same as what albini says here but have been reading a lot of biographies of 90s musicians and to be honest even for the successful ones the whole thing sounds pretty fucked up, and works out badly for quite a lot of people. I get the feeling that the 90s CD bonanza money taps being turned off has some good consequences, though obviously it’s a mixed bag overall.

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A few other things that have been rattling around in my head. The music business as it is now certainly seems less fucked up and more accessible than the art business. It also seems more accessible to people from all kinds of backgrounds than TV does, and more than film or theatre does. Probably more than stand-up does as well. All of these things are a bit fucked up and as someone else said who is able to be a musician and the amount that they’re paid for that been fucked up for a long time, but music is probably not the worst when compared to other artforms.

Streaming has massively affected the development of new artists. A friend of mine is currently number 1 in the Indie Breakers chart (for people who release independently and haven’t had a top 20), 3 in the rock chart, 22 in the sales chart (20 for physical only)… and not even top 100 in the album chart (that includes streaming) off the back of that. Seems ridiculous.

To do that they’d have to begin even paying anything per stream.

I never have any idea what this guy is on about.