How would YOU fix music streaming?

Yeah I have no great knowledge around it, just genuinely wondering. Seems like there’s a few similar-tier musicians agreeing with his sentiments but who knows.

Leaving aside the supposedly bit we can’t really compare Apple and Spotify without knowing what the various costs are.

Eg if Apple can leverage a much less costly business plan because they can offset storage costs and bandwidth costs then the answer is only a monolith company can do this and that’s not necessarily great in the long run.

I’m sure this isn’t unusually bad. Infact I’m sure in some of the recent stuff tha has come out about this there are reports of the sort of massive mainstream artists you’d expect to be on better deals actually being on worse deals like 94/6 split.

Actually depressing how little extra the 0.01 dollar payout would be

streams 4000000
per stream 0.01 40000
Master 0.8 32000
Master Label 0.82 26240
Master Austra 0.18 5760
Publishing 0.2 8000
Pub Label 0.2 1600
Pub Austra 0.8 6400

I notice that when I tried posting it, the site told me that The Problem With Music by Steve Albini had already been posted in this thread

Worth a read if you’ve not done so in relation to the labels screwing bands - as others have said it’s hardly a new thing


Yeah, that’s a fairly standard split, sadly.

DiS’ label followed the Factory Records model of being a profit split.

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