How would you format a 6-8 page document for a number of people to read? (line spacing, paragraph spacing)

Its accounting related so boring stuff. What do you think is the best option for making it easy to read?

I’m using open office. I was using 1.5 line spacing so thats good. Would you have a line between paragraphs too?

Write it on the side of 6-8 balloons



Size 8 font, no page margins, remove all spaces. Turn it into a one-pager…


And in comic sans obvs

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That goes without saying

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Print it out, staple it and send it to them tbh

yellow type on a light pink background.

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megalithicrock? more like mega prick cock!

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I wouldn’t.

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One of your worst jokes, TBH.

Probably not in all honesty

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