How Would You Rate Your Music Taste On A Scale Of One To Ten?

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Either vote above, or reply with a number with 1 DP

Have to go with a solid 11 for correctly recognizing the five greatest albums of all time despite the smear campaign against them.

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Went for 7 cos everything I like is brilliant but I’m ignorant of many genres

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1 ha

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initially gave myself an 11 but then remembered all the nu metal so had to revote



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Speaks for itself

It’s a



What genres are you ignorant about? Might be fun if I or anyone else on here could recommend you some stuff. Only if you’re up for it of course.

whatever the worst one is

if it’s being rated by @NickDS very good out of ten


pretty good tbf

You get a lot of points for the superb Colin stetson /Sarah neufeld collab but you lose them all by listening to the weakest PJ Harvey album. Sorry, those are the rules.

That’s quite a stretch on Peej to put that as the worst. It’s like Stories from the City but a little less obvious and little less overplayed.

Surely White Chalk is the quintessential choice of the Peej fan for the ‘worst’ (although I love it too).

Rap and hip hop stuff probably and metal but I’m not too fussed about that as I don’t like metal really

Worst PJ Harvey album is a bit like the “middle earth’s tallest dwarf” award I think. Even her worst stuff is better than most people’s best. I love white chalk myself but, ok, you make a good case, I’ll let you have your points back.

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This question is huge enough for its own thread

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Try Gang Starr, best Hip Hop IMO. Give Amenra a go for metal. You may not like the vocals though.

I can confirm Wiggy has a 10/10 music taste. As do I.

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