How you pronounce brand names (Poll Thread) (For 9th March 2017, mods please take note)

A thread for polls about the pronunciation of different brand names, such as:

  • Rhymes with “spike”
  • Rhymes with “spiky”
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fuck off, guy

  • Mmmm Dan-un
  • Mmmm Dah-known
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  • DOLL-mio
  • doll-MI-o

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i know it’s meant to be nike-y but i’m never going to say that. never.

None of those is right.

ffs hyg

  • porsche
  • por sha

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  • pew zho
  • pur zho

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Would you like me to put a “closing” date on this so that people don’t comment beyond the 9th?

I don’t even know anymore, it’s all gone to shit.

Ah mate.

  • Pree-mark
  • Pry-mark
  • Penneys

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  • Liddle
  • Lee-dl
  • Lie-dl

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Haha. Leedl!!! Hahahaahaaa

They pronounced it that way in a jingle

73% of people are currently wrong

brand quality is cheaper

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