How you sleeping, DiS?

Had a shit night last night.
Was asleep by 10 cos I was fucked, but woke at 3.30am and ended up doing the crossword until finally dropping back off at about 5. For an hour :unamused:
Just couldn’t get comfortable: didn’t know where to put my arms. Tips on good sleeping positions would be gratefully accepted

My housemate wakes me up about three times a night with the sound of the bathroom light switch

Get this:


Not too bad. Had 2 nights where I woke up for a few hours but that’s just pre-holiday things to do playing on my mind.

Last night I woke up thinking it was about 6:30 but really it was only 12:30 and I’d only been asleep for an hour. That is the best feeling in the world.

That is exactly the type of thing I would buy

Bought my son a Gro Clock for his room, so 5am wake ups are now a thing of the past. Bed at 10:30, up at 6:50. Can’t complain.

Pretty dreadfully mate, got a bit on the mind so have got the ol’ racing brain going on combined with a sudden upturn in temperature and the new luxurious duvet I got the gf sounding like a fucking thunderstorm every time she moves, it’s not been great.

I’ve taken to sleeping in the spare room most nights because I can’t deal with the sound of another human being in the bed. Especially one that moves around a lot.

Might be a problem. Other than that, fine.


My bf calls me Bridget cause I am a right bridget the fidget

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I have a month-old baby so… pretty sporadically, I guess? Current system is try and do shifts of a sort - Mrs HYG goes to bed about 11ish, I stay up till 1am and give a bottle feed if needed, I go to bed at 1am and Mrs HYG takes over (baby never seems to sleep properly until at least 2am at night), then brings her into the bedroom when she’s asleep, then we’ll try and sleep through while she wakes to feed and I do’ll nappy changes. I can get up at 8am and get to work on time, so can get six or so hours… which is doable. Could be worse. Has been worse some nights. No idea how long it will take for a proper pattern to form.

alright, barleysugar

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I don’t know about that, but I’m sure I’ve read something before which talked about how everyone tends to sleep in whatever position is natural to them, so the key is working out what position is and getting into it, rather than wasting time rolling around in the wrong shape.

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I reckon bottom row, number five is closest to my sleeping position:

State of row two, number two.

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“The Toad”

‘The initiator’

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Generally a lot better than I used to. If I am worried it’s going to be a problem I pop a Nytol “one a day”. Seems to do the trick.

Good luck everyone - insomnia sucks butt.

hang in there buddy