How're these early sunsets treating you?



Makes me real sad aye, and the morning’s will get much worse in time

Any tips other than moving to the Southern hemisphere? Do those sad bulbs work?


Don’t know if the bulbs work, but Achewood does for me. The first few weeks after the clocks change are the worst, as your body is telling you to go to bed at 5pm but you shouldn’t because you’ll wake up at 2am and it’ll be dark then too.


Bloody hell that’s accurate!


Good things: crisp cold mornings
Bad things: never leaving work in daylight.


anyone got some nice gloves?

where can I buy nice gloves?



not sure they’re really me


fucking load of shit, man


Look, keeping your elbows warm isn’t about looking fashionable.


It feels a bit gloomy around the house in the morning. I’m trying to find ways of making it feel nicer, like nice lighting in the house and the radio but I’m in Berlin with work at the moment and I’m starting to see how gloomy can be beautiful. It’s a heavy, sombre feeling but perhaps there is a place for that too, when did we start thinking we had to be all sunshine and light of heart all the time, I know feels nice but perhaps that’s because we’re conditioned to be un-accepting of heavy gloom and fighting it makes it painful. I don’t know.


love a bit of gloom, me


i’m the opposite, I used to love and embrace the dark winters but I’m not so sure now. I think it’s because in london it feels like there’s no point in the seasons, the buildings will just be here all the same.


you have to really embrace it, get a bit gothic!


Tell us how you used to embrace the winters so we can do it


what kind of gloves?

haven’t owned a pair of regular gloves for years


By giving it a big hygge




ooh that’s good :slight_smile:
( I hadn’t heard of that)


the kind that go over your hands