How's the four day week gone for you?



  • Felt exactly like a 4 day week
  • Took fucking ages mate! Felt longer than a 5 day week
  • Flew by! Felt more like a 3 day week if anything
  • I didn’t have a 4 day week, check your privilege

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Feels like I’ve been at work for eight or nine consecutive days now and I want to go home.


everybody seems to feel this way. how can it be? we’ve been duped


two day week for me clive




Probably something to do with Brexit.


Three days for me, broken up. I was in the recording studio on Wednesday laying down some sweet jams. Has still felt like a 5-day working week in many ways.


Fucking balls


I was off on Tuesday, so it was indeed a 3 day week. Still knackered from tour though so I need tomorrow.


would explain why it felt like a three day week then :expressionless:



Andrea Leadsom will be pleased.


That looks more like a preserve to me.


What are you, Home Secretary?


Sorry. Google didn’t return anything helpful for soawjo


Yesterday was awful but today has been better. I feel like I’m finishing the week on a high note


I totally get this DiS injoke!


for some reason im getting a load of shit thrown at me right now for something that has nothing to do with our organisation. im not very happy about it tbh, not very happy at all


Working title for múm’s debut?