Hows the pub(s) of your youth doing?

Inspired by the news that one of mine is closing for good today:

Was where all the local bands used to hang out in the early 00s. One of the very few non-townie pubs in central peterborough at the time. Right next to the bus station too, so came straight from my village into town and it was right there. Close to The Park where all the gigs happened. Rival pub: bogarts (now the ostrich, still going strong)

Sam smiths but didnt really know what that was at the time - just seemed like a nice cheap selection of weird drinks. Had one of my first dates with my wife there and lots of great nights talking nonsense with friends at a time when mostly we didnt have many responsibilities/still not sure where life was leading us, so will always think of it very fondly.

Rip wortley almshouses - you smelled terrible and the toilets were diabolical but you were pretty great for a while back there.

Looks amazing


Looks gussied up as you’d expect. Probably no longer does £1 a pint on a Thursday night and serves 16 year olds.

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Walked past a few months ago and still looks like this



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Can’t remember the names of pubs I went to when 15/16 - basically anywhere we’d get served. All crap as you’d expect.

First ‘regular’ now a supermarket apparently. Little bit sad about this, a nostalgia visit at some point would have been nice.

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I believe the pub closest to my parents’ house is the only pub opened by the queen. It’s still pretty much the same as ever. I preferred to walk an extra 10 mins to another pub though, which was like somewhere from the wild west. It got renamed for a few years but recently has reverted back to its previous name. It is no longer as rough and ready as it used to be although no doubt it all kicks off there once in a while still.

Both pubs are in Stevenage, can anyone guess their names?

Lived about 2 mins walk from the Charlotte when I did my Foundation Art course at De Montfort. Saw tons of bands there, tickets were always £6-10ish

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Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks Wetherspoons continue to go strong.

the only other pub i can really think of that we used to go in is:

seems to still be going, which is something.

the clubs of my youth are doing much worse :frowning:

Ace, student halls were just nearby I seem to remember?

Only lived in Leicester for about a year when I was in 6th form. Saw Suede and a couple other bands I forget.

The Venue : Metal club famously lax in any form of ID check, also lacking in a drinks license meaning it was officially a “restaurant.” You were given a meal voucher on entry, so they could sell drink that way. The vodka was absolute rat poison. 10/10 would go back tomorrow.

Katy Dalys
Still going, still exactly the same as it was 20 years ago

Auntie Annie’s: Shut, reopened as something else and then reopened again as some stupid faux “ye olde Irish pub” thing.

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Yeah pretty much just over the road and down a wee bit

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I miss Auntie Annies

i suppose i went to these quite a bit at uni

this was my fave, old man pub right near my third year house. more of a locals pub than a student one in my day, they’ve definitely rebranded to be a bit more trendy which is a real shame. got properly off my face for the first time here watching Wigan beat Man City in the FA Cup final about three days after submitting my dissertation, stumbled home after 6 pints and threw up after leaving my friends and boyfriend a load of loving voicemails

this was a bit more fancy and i had my first mulled wine here. more studenty but you’d still get locals coming in to watch the football. watched Chelsea 1 - 1 Liverpool in 2012 and then drunk messaged my boyfriend at the time and it was barely coherent, i drunk messaged my brother as well and mentioned my bf (who was Northern Irish and my family referred to him as ‘Paddy Power’). my brother then screenshotted the messages and posted them on Facebook, tagging me, meaning that my bf discovered that we called him Paddy Power. oh my god, the shame. anyway, nice pub

quite shocked to discover this one closed in 2019! great bar, fond memories of doing the pub quiz and coming second every single time until Paddy Power visited and we did the quiz as a two and won :sunglasses: (he dumped me the week after)

I can’t think what I would have considered to be my preferred pub in Falmouth. went to quite a wide range without having a favourite, i think. although i only remember having moderately resentful nights out at Jacob’s Ladder, so not that one. Spoons might have been the one i went to most often, y’know

The Old Inn, Malborough
Used to work there. Was a really good food pub then changed hands and was shit for ages. Now slightly better and the food is nice but the landlord is massively right wing.

The Royal Oak, Malborough
Worked here too. Still going, the landlord is now a 70 year old ex-pyro expert who used to work with loads of bands. Also used to run a horse riding school in Ibiza. It’s dirty and cluttered and a bit shit and I still love it.

The Quay, Kingsbridge
Now closed, might be turning into flats, or maybe a Spar.

The Ship & Plough, Kingsbridge
Now a Costa Coffee

Creeks End, Kingsbridge
Still going, same landlord, still shit. Used to go here to play darts and drink baby Guinness during free periods in 6th form.

My local for the years between being allowed in pubs and moving away was demolished about ten years ago and too many houses were built on the site I’m sure they’re fine in terms of building regulations but they’re all about a metre in width. I won’t tell you the name because it’s a bit too close to my parents’ house. Just before it was demolished, the new landlord renamed the function room after himself. This os only funny because he had the same name as my dad so people would organise wakes and christening parties in The [dad’s name] Suite.

The Turk’s Head in Tynemouth is still open but I haven’t been in there for probably five years.

The Bosham Inn

Just across the road from my mum and dad’s gaff. Used to be a Beefeater when I was growing up. Big garden which was good in the summer. Now part of Vintage Inn. Beer section is ok and there’s a decent amount of outdoor seating. Food is ok.

The Old House At Home

Used to be a bit of a dive when I was growing up. Now a gastro pub and a bit of a hub for the village. Decent pub, does a good beer and the food is bloody lovely.

The Blacksmith’s Arms (now closed, aka Blacksmith’s)

Was a really nice pub. Used to get taken in here for a bite of coke (glass) and a pack of brannigans. Had one of those plastic climbing frames that looked like a tree. Closed for ages, then reopened as a gastro place but permanently closed now.

had five main locals when i first started drinking.
one is a costcutter with a physio upstairs. one is a shit byob indian restaurant. one is an IT company headquarters. one is a home for people with dementia. only the white lion remains, still exactly the same with exactly the same clientele only sometimes their sons are in there too now.

Just looked up the first pub I worked in when I was 18. Really depressing place, just a handful of locals every evening silently staring into their pints.

Still there and looks exactly the same apart from they’ve swapped the darts board for a tv.

Can’t believe it didn’t close down 25 years ago.

My fave pub, the Traf, closed years ago now and is now a flat.

Nightlife in Ramsey is dead and buried. We used to call it Shite life.

Bar Logo shut up shop not long ago.

They’re all dying out.

Royal George is still there but is always dead when I pass it.