How's your air freshener game shaping up?

What do you use? Could do with some input as I am unsure of what works best and is best value for money.
Currently have one of those reed diffuser things in the bathroom but have got standard Glade-type plastic jobs with the jelly stuff in them elsewhere in the flat. Different air fresheners for different… needs.

What about those spray things that go off periodically? Not a fan of plug-ins unless you can convince me otherwise.

Let’s be avin’ you

They’re all awful.

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Alright stinky

Clean things, open windows, light some candles if you really need to.

My mum uses air fresheners to cover the cigarette smell and it’s all a bit :nauseated_face:

Got a lovely reed diffuser in the living room - but I think I need to buy more oil (?) for it

Could do with getting more for the other rooms really

By the cat litter tray: neutrodol gel things
Around the house various reed diffusers, generally use the same 3 scents and by refills online instead of replacing every time as they get pretty pricey. Best way to get a nice but not overpowering scent around the house imo though?

I think they’re all terrible too. Except there was a Crabtree and Evelyn lily of the valley one I liked a lot when I was younger. Not sure they still do it, my mum used to always give me them. Now I enjoy a scented candle, things like lavender or anything that’s nice and relaxing. Not a fan of fruit scents or anything over powering. Not a fan or perfume for the same reason, makes me gag a bit.

You’re not meant to drink it, Witches!!!



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Oh and it’s
Black tea and jasmine
Assam and white cedar
Both by fired earth

And then I can’t remember the one in the bedrooms, it’s a relaxing but fresh one.

'Theo’® by Airwick


Isn’t it weird that there is a neals yard cheesemonger and a neals yard health & beauty company and they have no apparent connection to each other

All about that plugin life.

Oh neals yard is a place so this isn’t weird

burn a tonne of incense in my room.

Doesn’t even rhyme

Hate the ones that plug into the wall, can’t stand the ones you burn (just smell like burning whatever they are supposed to be). I tend to chuck a few of the plastic ones with jelly in them around the house.

Can’t believe everyone’s house smells like the inside of a taxi


ever thought of carrying a discreet can of air freshener to your card tournaments, or is the smell part of the charm?