How's your air freshener game shaping up?


Hate the ones that plug into the wall, can’t stand the ones you burn (just smell like burning whatever they are supposed to be). I tend to chuck a few of the plastic ones with jelly in them around the house.


Can’t believe everyone’s house smells like the inside of a taxi


ever thought of carrying a discreet can of air freshener to your card tournaments, or is the smell part of the charm?


I’ve thought about taking a fucking nosegay to some of them.


had to google. not what I was expecting.

thought it was this


Same deal.


Doesn’t even rhyme!


What are you Eps? Some sort of 16th century dandy in white tights and a frock coat?




Unlit candles suit me best, i like cotton or grapefruit. I would light them but im an actual oaf and would set the house on fire


Got this in the whip.