How's your air freshener game?

So, I walked into my flat on Monday night to the smell of cat piss. Only thing is, I don’t have a cat. Turns out it was my son’s football boots - they fuckin reeked.

  • Anyone got any good tips/products for neutralising trainer/sports footwear odours?
  • Generally, how do you keep the air fresh in your gaffe?

CHAT ALLOWED, as always

Don’t use it. Open the windows instead.


febreeze the bike shoes if they’re smelling particularly funky sometimes

Air Freshener Game, by Sports Interactive. Coming November 2017


Wife-o has loads of those sticks-in-a-pot thing that you have to flip every now and again.

Put insoles into his football boots, or put the boots outside.

Regular cleaning of the house will leave it with a fresh smell anyway, I find. Not having carpets or curtains helps too.

Just hang one of the cats up on the ceiling for a bit

Needs to be tackled at the root cause. For trainers - stick them in the washing machine.

Masking with air freshener just makes it worse IMO.

I have to say, I genuinely wouldn’t know what cat piss smells like.

I’m a big advocate of Febreze which comes with the added benefit of it rhyming with my gf’s name so plenty of bants to be had whilst spraying it.

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We’ve some sort of industrial one in work, it looks like a big hard drive and is plugged into the mains. Despite sitting about 20m down the corridor and round a corner it still stinks this room out when it releases its gas/poison. Occasionally it’ll blast you as you walk passed and you feel like you’ll pass out.

I used to use lily of the valley air freshener by thingymabob… I forget their name. Only because my Mum bought it for me and it didn’t feel like it was trying to suffocate you when you sprayed it.

Crabtree and Evelyn!! That’s the one. It is well nice.

Failing that I’m quite partial to a scented candle, love me a candle.

ALSO, what’s their name… erm, Jo Malone were doing this grabber game outside their shop in Glasgow months ago and my Auntie won loads of free perfume that apparently you’re not meant to spray on your skin!?! Baffles me a bit, so I spray it around the flat instead.

One of the worst aromas. Tends to lodge itself in the nasal passages.

Need to tackle the problem at its root cause.

Get him to stop playing silly football and take up a proper sport like squash instead.

In a plastic bag in the freezer can help - after making sure they’re fully dry. (airing outside is best but obviously in winter this can’t always work out
Clean them and put in some silica gel packets when not in use > less moisture = less bacteria = less smell

Cleaning regularly, cat litter scooping as and when (and a little gel scent neutraliser next to/behind it) bins daily, washing all the sheets, blankets and towels once a week but staggering it (which helps spread fresh linen smell round) and I have some strategically placed reed diffusers (both bathrooms, upstairs hall, downstairs hall, living room) and in the kitchen if I’m cooking something smelly/after I have I have an odour removing candle.

As such I hardly ever need it but I have one general room freshener spray, oust neutraliser spray in both toilets and febreze for the sofas (maybe once a month, if that?)

When I used to have the bin in a cupboard before I got my fancy new kitchen bin I had one of those neutradol gel things in the cupboard with it.


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Glad you (seem to) have understood this reference <3


(World class referencing, friend)

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