How's your annual leave looking

Window: Jan 1st - Dec 31st
Taken: 6 days
Booked: 5 days
Leftover entitlement: 16.5 days (including Bank Holidays)

Not sure whether to take a couple of weeks off in autumn or just take a long weekend every few weeks for the rest of the year

Talk about your annual leave itt if you want

Window: Feb 1st - Jan 31st
Taken: 5 days
Booked: 0 days
Carried over from 2019: 10 days
Leftover entitlement: 31 days (plus Bank Holidays)

Yeah … I need to book some stuff in eh. Got a couple of small trips in mind but should just do a few weeks at home too and just read loads, mess around with pedals, just full unwind mode

Hardly had any this year so booked a week off in August.

We’ve had emails encouraging us to use our annual leave (think they’re worried everyone’s just going to take all of December off).

Window: 1 April - March 31st
Taken: 1
Booked: 5
Leftover entitlement: 22 (not including bank holidays or closure over Christmas)

We’ve been told there won’t be a limit on time we can carry over next year because of Covid - tempted to hold off and take 6 weeks off next year in one go.

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Remaining days: 16.5

Allowed to carry over 10 days to next year, so have to use 6.5 days between now and NYE. No idea what to do with them.

we have to take 60% (aka 15 days) of our leave by the end of August, and then have to take about 5 days or so over Christmas when we’re having an enforced shutdown. so that leaves 5 to take in the remaining 3.5 months, going to be a bit rubbish imo.

was going to have the last week of August off but then my manager decided he wanted it off instead so I’ve moved mine to the second last week of August. have Thursday and Friday off beforehand as well. my manager announced last week he might be changing his now though :expressionless: I am not changing mine again.

Window: 01/04/2020-31/03/2021 or whatever the closest full week to that is
Entitlement: 28d
Taken: 13 days
Booked: 14 days
Leftover entitlement: 1 day

Also have 2 weeks of paid special leave and 2 weeks paternity leave for the arrival of baby No.2

Window: 1st August - 31st July
Booked:2 days (plus some extra mandatory booking between xmas and NY)
Leftover: 41 days (minus xmas - NY)

Plus we’ve been gifted an extended Augiust bank holiday in lieu of a pay rise.

Holding out for being able to train around Europe next spring.

I should be in South Korea right now, before going to Tokyo for the Olympics, but that’s all been shelved, and I have cancelled my booked leave.

I was furloughed for April, May and June, so I’ve assumed that I’ll lose a quarter of my usual entitlement (1 week).

I currently have no leave booked and none planned for the rest of the year.


Window: Jan 1st - Dec 31st
Taken: 0 days
Booked: 0 days
Carried over from 2019: 1.5 days
Leftover entitlement: ??? Dunno. Probably 16.5 + bank holidays

Our annual leave year ends at the end of August. I’ve been booking the odd day off here and there, and have 20 days left.

We’re allowed to carry 20 days over due to Covid (instead of 7), so if I don’t book any more off then I’ll have a whopping 45 days of annual leave on 1st September.

Jan to Dec.
10 taken, 2 to take and 11 left.
I used to be horrendous at booking leave at my old place, going through it fairly quickly (for me) now.

Jan - dec. 25 days

Had the first 5 months off so got 14 days ish I think.

We’re having a 3 week shutdown over xmas so i need to save some for that.

Same, I’ve always been shit at using my leave. Tend to take odd days here and there and assume I’ve used it all.

Took this week off last Thursday in light of on going strains at home. Needed the week off desperately. Nothing planned at all, still in bed

not on leavebook


Taken 0 days, still have 5 days from last year rolled over I need to take. The idea of booking any time of during all this is genuinely awful to me.

My new job has compulsory annual leave for 3 weeks in summer and 2 weeks over Xmas/NY (twice-yearly shutdowns for maintenance & repairs) which leaves about 7-10 days left depending on when Xmas falls etc. Might go back to Islay again in November, rona willing…

I had thought this but I’m now without a day off since February and really, really up for a day sitting in my living room playing FIFA in my pants, and maybe going for a run or something

why aren’t you doing this anyway tbf

Got about 2 weeks left at the moment. Not a clue when I’m going to use them.