How's your back?



Mine’s okay but keep needing to click it lately and that’s a worrying turn of events.


Aching a bit after a run last night but largely ok thanks xylo.




see without the header this is charming. It’s definitely the headers


Duly noted. I’ve been trying to keep them to important announcements only but I can see how they might come across as a bit over the top.


On mobile they’re oddly not so bad



oh its bad. havent done my stretches in ages. carrying a baby round all the time in unnatural positions. no exersise. sitting on a small kitchen chair in place of office chair a lot of the time without a proper keyboard.

need to take action on all of the above very very soon,


shit. How long do stretches take each day?


Without turning this into the cycling thread, cycling has helped immeasurably.

#This is now the cycling thread


when i’m in a good routine, about 20-30 mins? but whatever you;ve got time for is better than nothing.


sometimes i really enjoy taking 45 mins or longer over it and kind of quasi-meditating at the same time


Yes. I’ve got a Pilates teaching buddy who has promised to show me some stuff to do in the morning at home. Looking forward to that actually


cool. @meths showed me some good youtube vids. cant remember what they were now


Dreadful. Lot of BURMA related issues compounded by too much travel.


Pretty fucked tbh. Was off work with it a few years ago. Should probably get it checked out.


Hopefully find a gp who doesn’t just tell me to lose weight ffs.


I got a “don’t do any sports” for my arm being in pain once. Thanks doc. No other constructive criticism? No. No sports.


Hello Jack, how’s your back? Haven’t seen you for ears and ears but I still nose ya.




flying? worst for backs