How's your backing-up schedule wahey etc


Seriously though.

So many people in the valuable thread are referencing their laptop, computer, hard drive.

So how’s your back-up routine? If I burned down your house now, and I might, when would you have last gotten any of that data to a place untouchable by housefire?

I’m trying to help you DiS. Now hand me the kerosene.


Frequently. In fact I might do it again now. Thanks for reminding me.


You’ve got roughly three hours


not on backingupbook


Also imagine not using the cloud in this day and age. i ASSUME you all are.


Went and fetched the external hard-drive from the drawer and am doing it now.


enjoy watching data recovery professionals at maplin


Mirrored hard drives like a total theo


me too <3


All of my top quality bants are stored right here!


My wedding photos are backed up to every possible medium going.


i nipped back to the old dis by accident yday and was reminded that my Bextor thread is, thanks to Royter, on the front page :smiley:


never really


never say that again


uh oh. this is for your own good man but sorry in advance


is he here? i miss him a bit.


I don’t think that i have much to back up really believe it or not, although I suppose I keep the important stuff on my drive in work which gets backed up automatically.


Also just to nerd out, because of my recently-revealed data paranoia I have a ridiculous routine which involves creating a 256 encrypted shell to whatever the size of the storage is, then filevaulting the drive with that file inside and just dropping stuff into the shell as necessary. The biggest benefit of this is when you’re copying between drives you’re just c+ping the shell. Winner. And it would take pretty much a decade to un-encrypt that sucker unless the military gets involved


not good


chris you of all people strike me as someone with a shit ton of cool creativity you’d be gutted to lose